Where friendly strays become family members

PurrFect Paws Rescue is a registered, non-profit corporation in the State of Pennsylvania and operates as a 501(c) 3 federally tax-exempt Public Charity. Our small group of experienced animal rescue workers recognized the need to address the friendly stray (non-feral) population living on the streets. We intake these unfortunate animals, provide them with complete veterinary care and place them in our foster care program. We work strictly out of foster care homes where our rescued animals are raised and cared for as our own. Unlike large shelters, our animals are in a cageless environment. This affords us great insight into their temperaments, personalities and interactions with other animals.
Our volunteers have many years of experience in handling and caring for animals and are overseen and assisted by a team of licensed veterinarians. We are available to educate pet owners through difficult situations and it is our feeling that through education we help promote responsible pet ownership practices. 
Foster Care homes are the backbone of our rescue and we are both fortunate and blessed to have such a dedicated group who are thoroughly committed to health and welfare of each animal we care for. Recognizing the standard of quality care for maintaining a healthy environment for our foster cats and kittens, we limit our intake. We do NOT intake pets surrendered by pet owners at this time. We hope there will come a time when this will change but we will make every effort possible to assist pet owners to find other no-kill shelters and rescues. Please join us in our mission in making a difference in the life of a homeless animal by making a monetary donation or offering a gift of food, litter or a toy to one of our orphaned animals. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.
We do not have a "Physical" shelter for you to visit but you can email us at purrfectpawsrescue@msn.com and we will let you know where you can meet up with ours kitties!